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  1. Establishing and using contacts for information and support world-wide.
  2. Building relationships with other colleagues.
  3. Eligibility to apply for research grants supported by SPTA.
  4. Eligibility to apply for SPTA’s bursary.
  5. Eligibility to apply for SPTA’s Award.
  6. Get 50% discount on courses and workshops sponsored by SPTA and WCPT.
  7. Get discount on scientific journals, physical therapy books.
  8. Members save 40% on conferences and workshops organized by SPTA’s partners.
  9. Member of WCPT and Asian-Western Pacific Physical Therapy.
  10. Be a member of WCPT international groups in an area of interest.
  11. Join WCPT international networks.
  12. Developing a resource pool of experts in a given area.
  13. Going beyond organisational, professional, and national boundaries.