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Membership registration

Membership registration

Please fill in the information and keep your username and password. Deposit the subscription amount on Alinma Bank, as follows: a


1-Specialist 200 SAR


2-Internship student 150 SAR


3-Student 100 SAR


For a period of one year from the time of activation, and then fill in the data and attach a copy of the receipt with the application


Note: Applications without a copy of payment of fees will not be considered.


Bank account: 


For transfer from a local bank to Alinma Bank in the name of the Saudi Physical Therapy Association | SA 8405-0000-6820-4378-960000


For transfer from within Alinma Bank - on behalf of the Saudi Society for Physiotherapy | 68204378960000



Last updated on : February 16, 2023 9:28am