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Research Center


The Saudi Physical Therapy Association (SPTA) is dedicated to support its members to promote scientifically based and clinically relevant research in addition to the basics in physical therapy and rehabilitation which will in turn improve the quality of the care delivered to the patient.


The scientific research in physical therapy profession is needed especially in our society where we need numerous data that still unknown to the community. We need as physical therapists to establish collaborative research within our sub-specialties and encourage inter-organisational work groups. Furthermore, SPTA seeks to creat cooperation opportunities among its members who works in both clinical and academic fields in order to reduce the gap between them. The picture of the profession has positively changed and gained access to consultation, training, education, commercialisation and other individual markers of rehabilitation intervention and outcome.  



SPTA provide supports to the studies especially that look at the effect of different rehabilitation techniques and interventions, and studies of the underlying mechanisms that facilitate plasticity and repair.



SPTA supports research projects in all physical therapy areas. This center is formed of a chair and members who will evaluate all submitted proposals and determine the distinct proposals to be supported.


Last updated on : February 16, 2023 9:52am